13 May 1970
-First Flight. (F-4E)
05 June 1970
29 June 1970
-Fly Away (F-4E)
June 1970
-401 Tactical Fighter Wing (USAFE) Torrejon AB, Spain (TJ).
September 1973
-36 Tactical Fighter Wing (USAFE) Bitburg AB, Germany (BT).
26 Feb 1980
-Ogden ALC for conversion to F-4G Advanced Wild Weasel V (initial batch of 116
conversions, 1976-1981).
January 1977
-35 Tactical Fighter Wing, 562 Tactical Fighter Squadron (TAC) George AFB, CA
(F-4G) (WW).
March 1980
05 September 1990
-Deployed to Shaikh ISA AB, Bahrain in support of Desert Shield. 81st TFS sent
12 F-4Gs on 6 September and another 12 in December.
17 January 1991
-Gulf war Desert Storm starts. 400 aircraft, including 81st TFS "Weasels", struck
over 100 targets in the first 3 hours.
81st TFS!
From July to December of 1990, 69-0286 flew every month  logging more sorties (143) for more hours
(243.7) than any other F-4G assigned to the 52 TFW.
Source: "Monthly 7104 Report for F-4G and F-16 Aircraft", Jul-Dec 90, 52 TFW/MASP
31 December 1993
-81 FS returns to Spangdahlem AB, Germany after 1,212 days. Longest
continual deployment of any Fighter Squadron in the World.
At 'Spang' after returning from Desert Storm
wearing kill markings. Although there are only
4 kills on the vari-ramp, 0286 was credited
8 kills during the war.
29 January 1994
-57 Fighter Wing, 561 Fighter Squadron (ACC), Nellis AFB, NV (WA).
-London IAS, Canada. Notice how 0286 sparkles in the morning sun. A credit to the
fine maintenance performed by the 561st Maintenance Crews. Two months later, she
would be retired and flown to the "Boneyard" in Arizona where she would sit for two
years before entering the FST program.
15 August 1995
-AMARC, AAFP0977, AF160, Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, AZ
June 1995
09 May 1997
-Tracor Flight Systems, QF-4 Drone conversion, Mojave, CA.
30 October 1997
-82 Aerial Target Squadron, Tyndall AFB, FL.
20 May 1998
-Flight cancelled. Slat leak.
26 May 1998
-First flight at Tyndall. NOT PASSED (RDR OFF) 1.0 Hours
15 June 1998
-Second flight. NOT PASSED (RDR PROBLEM) 1.0 Hours
26 June 1998
-Flight cancelled (RDR TRIM)
08 September 1998
-Third flight. Safety refly, PASSED. 1.0 Hours
03 December 1998
-Fourth flight. OCF, 90 day MX flight. 1.4 Hours
17 February 1999
-Fifth flight. 90 day MX flight 160/DED INST. 0.8 Hours
22 June 1999
-Sixth flight. Fuel TM ERROR 160 OCF. 1.0 Hours
11 August 1999
-Seventh flight. CTS-1 Inter. OCF 160 PASSED. (CTS-1 BAD) 1.0 Hours
20 August 1999
-Ground Abort. WSEP HOT. CTS-2 INOP.
10 October 1999
-Eighth flight. First NULLO. F-15 (125 FW) WSEP HI & FAST-NO HITS.
09 February 2000
-Nineth flight- KILLED. Second NULLO. F-15 (142 FW) WSEP
HI & FAST-AIM120 KILL. AB Failed to light on T/O. 0.3 Hours
F-4E/G-42-MC 69-0286
-Accepted by USAF (F-4E)
Obviously some discrepencies
between these two entries. Info from
Maxwell AFB and other publications
I have are contradictory and I can't
straighten it out. ???
Any help would be appreciated.
-52 Tactical Fighter Wing, 81 Tactical Fighter Squadron (USAFE) Spangdahlem AB,
Germany (SP). Also assigned to the 480 TFS (red tail band) for a period during the
mid '80s.
81st TFS was the only pure SAM suppression unit in NATO.