F-4C 64-0758
Front Instrument Panel
An very nice Phantom Panel Display done by Bob Dwyer of Tucson, AZ. Bob is pretty handy
with steel and a welder. He built the stands for the panel and his MB Mk7 Ejection Seat.

Since Bob lives in Tucson, the Mecca of airplane parts, he's been on a number of what he calls
'Snipe Hunts' for me, looking for Phantom parts. The majority being  successful by the way.

Bob is also one of those fortunate souls to have survived an ejection from a Marine F-4J thanks
to the Mk7 seat.
Awesome job Bob!
June 1981, Luke AFB
Cpt. Robert Dwyer and 1Lt.
Laura Matthews (now Mrs.
Dwyer). Bob's 'Champagne
Flight'. His last in the Phantom
before going to the F-5
Aggressor program.
The 'J' Bob had to leave abruptly!
This is what Bob's panel
looked like when he got
Sure has come a long
All lit up. I knew
it wouldn't take
him long to
tackle this