69-7300 MB Mk-H7
Ejection Seat Restoration
Since I have two seats, my first seat out of 0286 I left original as it came out of the jet, I figured it would
be neat to have one that looks 'Brand New'. So, I decided to do a complete "Ground Up" restoration on
this seat.

I totally disassembled the seat down to individual nuts and bolts when possible. There are some items
that are riveted together. I did not disturb these. It was hard enough finding some of the special
hardware never mind MB rivets. Bead blasted everything that was going to be painted. I sent some of
the black and green pieces out to be anodized. The black pieces had some scratches and wear marks. The
green pieces were faded.  Everything that was bead blasted was cleaned,  primed and painted. All the
nuts and bolts, if I didn't replace with new, were wire brushed with my little Dremel tool.

The parachute pack, parachute pack back plate, drogue chute container, ground egress handle, center
eject handle, face curtain assembly, leg garters, seat and back cushion are all new. The rocket pack is a
duplicate of an original that's on my other seat.

Before attempting this project, I would definitely obtain all the manuals for this seat that you can get
your hands on. It may look like a simple project, I thought it was, but once you get into it you'll quickly
find out different.  I even have another seat to go by but, without the manuals......... Oh yes, be prepared
to make some "special" tools. You'll need them for both disassembly and assembly.

The manuals are a must for disassembly and a larger asset when it comes time to put everything back
together. Disassembling the seat, getting everything cleaned and  prepared for painting, priming and
painting takes a considerable amount of time if you're doing it right. It took me about three months to
do the whole project. If you think you can remember how everything goes back together, unless you
have a photographic memory, think again. I know I don't. If you have a digital camera, take photos. If
you think any of these photos will help you with a seat project, feel free to print them.