69-7300 MB Mk-H7
Ejection Seat Restoration
All areas that needed protection during blasting were taped with duct tape. Masking
tape will not withstand the pressure of the blast media! OK for when you paint. Use
plastic caps and plugs on/in threaded areas that you want to protect. Use your own
judgement. If you think it needs protection from blasting, do it.

After blasting, remove all the duct tape and caps/plugs. Thoroughly wash with water
and blow dry.  Don't worry about rust. The major assemblies of the MB seat are made
from tempered aluminum.

Mask areas that need protection from paint. Prime, paint. I used Plasti-kote #T-236
Black Automotive Sanding lacquer primer and Plasti-kote #1103 Satin Black Ultra
Enamel for the top coat. The Satin Black leaves a nice semi-gloss finish.
Black and green pieces that
were sent for anodizing.
A little tip on cleaning them grungy face curtain handles. You
have to disassemble the handles. It's really not hard. Look in
the manual I told you to get.
Take a pail. Put your handles in. Pour in enough 409, Fantastic
or any strong cleaner, to completely cover the handles.  Let
sit for 3-4 days. The longer the better.  After they've sat, get
a good stiff brush and scrub. You have to work some at it but
the results are worth it. After they've dried give them a good
soaking of Armorall.
Before cleaning on right
New handles packaged on

New parachute pack back
plate packaged on right.