M3, M3A1, M3A2, M32
Replica Ejection Seat Initiators are made from a mold  I made of a real
M3A2 Seat Initiator. They are cast in solid resin. The top of the Initiator
is drilled for the safety pin/flag. The bottom is drilled and tapped for
the fitting to attach the hose to.
The plunger/pin in the top and the
Initiator are cast as one piece. You do not have to find a pin or have
one made.
The plunger is orientated exactly as it appears in the photo.
It has to be turned 90° on some seats.
I need to know that orientation
if you want one.

The label is made of self stick brushed aluminum vinyl. Text fields are
blank so you can write whatever the fields require. Use a permanent
marker like a Sharpie.  
The M3 and M32 are used on the T-33 seat. The M3A1 is used on the
F-100 and F-105. The M3A2 is used on the Martin Baker MkH7 seat
used in the F-4 Phantom. I'm sure these Initiators are used on other
Century Series seats but do not know which ones. I did make some
for a B-52 seat but do not remember which one/s.

The M3, M3A1 and M3A2 are the same physical appearance and
dimensions. The M32 has the same physical appearance but is 1 inch
longer. I do have some black M3 labels that someone requested for
their initiators. I also have some black M12 labels that I made for
someone. I believe the M12 is the same as the M32.

I have all the aforementioned labels. I can put whatever your choice
on the initiator.
M3A2 Replica Initiator mounted on my
MB MkH7 USAF seat.