Hill AFB, Utah, February 24-26, 1984.
Dayton IAS, July 1994.
Phan Con '95
July 13-15, Boise, Idaho
Sullivan Air Show & Expo
August 7 & 8, 1993.
I grew up on Long Island only three miles from Republic Aviation. My dad worked
for them for 33 years. I always loved it when those 105s came over the house on
final. When I heard about the retirement celebration, I just had to go. I always
liked airplanes but at the time I was into cars and car shows so this was the first
airplane event I attended and did I get hooked.
Boy, to be 35 again with a full head of hair..........
The local airport, Sullivan County, put on an air
show and asked me to do the photography for them.
They wanted some photos of the sky diver that was
starting the show leaving the airplane and some
aerial photos of the field. Since I was riding in a
Cessna 172 with the right door and seat removed, I
was required to wear a parachute. Was quite
exciting sitting backwards, on the floor, shooting
photos out of an airplane with no door on it.
I had never attended this show before so I figured I'd take a
ride out, catch the show and visit the USAF Museum again.
I have a buddy, whom I met at a Phan Con, who lives in the
area so we got together.  We both had the opportunity to go
up with the U.S. ARMY Golden Knights while they did the
show opening ceremony jump. Was quite the experience.
Man it's cold at 12,500 feet with the doors open!
I've had the opportunity to to go up with them a number of
times since.
I joined the Phantom Society in 1988. I have
attended every major Phan Con from 1989 to
2009. I've met lots of great people from all over
the world who belong to this organization. I
became a Life member in 2008.
'70 Mustang Mach 1
351C 4V, 4 Speed
In 2012 I decided to get back into the Collector Car market. August 31st I
bought the Mach 1, much to my wife's dismay. Not a concourse or perfect car
but it is nice and I'm not afraid to take it out of the garage.  Nice thing about
living in North Carolina, I can drive it regularly.
'70 Mustang Mach 1