I've been an enthusiast of Model Railroading since I was a kid. My parents had an American Flyer set that
was always put under the Christmas Tree. That was sold many, many years ago.
In my early 20s, my interest reared it's head.  I bought a few HO Scale locomotives and some rolling stock.
Raising a new family prevented spending money on things that weren't necessary. Besides, there was no
room anyway. Things got better and I looked at N-Scale. Sold the HO and bought some N-Scale. Still didn't
have room for permanent Layout.
Fast forward to 2005 some 20 years later. Stopped at a big Hobby Shop and looked at Trains. GOOD GOD!!!!
The stuff available was unbelievable. And DCC, what the hell is that?!?! In 2008 we moved into a new house. I
was able to set-up a permanent DCC layout. Not huge but more than I ever had.
Since I do have other things to do, my Model Railroad is isn't completely done.  Some things have to be
finished and/or added. All Locos are DCC and some with sound. The California Zephyr passenger cars have
single function decoders to turn the lights on/off in the individual cars. This is how the layout looks now.
Many of the photos are before I got it this far and many were shot hand held so they're a bit fuzzy.
I will try to explain some of the things I did. Hope you enjoy.........
Layout is 'L' shaped, long leg 10' feet, short leg 6'. Both are 3' wide between the frame. The frame was built
with 3/4"x 2 1/2" boards. 3/4"x 1 1/2" boards were screwed to the inside flush with the bottom of the 2 1/2"
boards.  Masonite was cut to lay inside the frame. Scenery was done on 1" thick Styrofoam that was cut and
glued together to make three separate pieces that will lay inside the frame. Two pieces for the long leg and
one for the short leg.  You'll understand why I did it this way when you see the photos. All track and switches
are Kato Unitrack. I wish I had taken more photos while I was building.
Making the separate pieces, I could take them off the
board and sit them on the floor to work on. When they
were all done, I put them on the board and blended the
seems together with scenery.
Many of the buildings were built on a piece of 1/4" foam
board.  When done just put them on the layout and
blended them in.
Sidewalks for the Town were made from a piece of acrylic tub surround that I had laying around. Scribed
some joint lines in it and painted concrete color.
All pavement markings are vinyl. I did the artwork with Corel Draw X5 and had a local shop cut them. Striping
is pinstripe tape made by line o tape.
Since N-Scale is too small to put interiors in the buildings, window treatments were drawn with Corel Draw
and glued inside the building. I used a bit of "Artistic Liberty" on the subjects. Lighting source for all the
buildings is 13V DC with a combination of Incandescent bulbs and LEDs.
All signage was drawn with Corel Draw and printed with my ALP printer on decal paper. I then applied the
decals to the buildings or plastic card stock which I then glued to the buildings. Corel Draw comes with lots
of Vector Clip Art that includes Industrial Warning Signs. All I had to do was scale them down.
I made the loads for the Flat
Cars from scraps of Bass
Wood I had left from a wood
Sailing Ship I restored for a
friend. The F-16 is actually  
1/144 Scale which is a bit
big. Looks neat anyway.
I used lots of Woodland Scenics products. However, I used Elmer's glue to hold most stuff down and mixed it
with water to set everything once the straight Elmer's was dry. Woodland Scenics website has lots of "How
To" videos on using all their stuff. If you're new to this, check them out. Well worth the time. Scenery is not
finished in some areas.
Again, many of the photos are before I got it this far and many were shot hand held so they're a bit fuzzy.
Photos are in no particular order.
A Friend's is just getting into N Scale and hasn't learned to program decoders yet. Too busy building the
Layout. I brought his
Loco home to change the address for him. Steam Loco with Sound I got to play with for
a while. Runs, sounds and looks great!!! I didn't have any steam but I do now........ Photos to follow......
This Section of the layout has been changed. I added another Tunnel in the Mountain for the
closest section of Track.
This first three photos show what the Tunnels look like today. The last photo is a Tunnel Portal I
cut in a rock instead of using a store bought one.