58-1173 F-105D-5-RE Thunderchief
Demonstrated at Fort Bragg, North Carolina in 1961, F-105D 58-1173 set a weight lifting record for a
single engined aircarft with a load of 16 750 lb M117 bombs. Given that an M117 actually weighed
around 820 lbs, the total load was 13,120 lbs. Combat loads like this were rarely realistic; certainly in
Southeast Asia loads of 4,000-6,000 lbs were more typical.

Some publications say this load was never used operationally.
THIS IS NOT TRUE! June 1965 the 23
TFW, 563 TFS participated in a combat "first" for the F-105. Deploying six aircraft from Takhli to
Ton Son Nhut AB, South Vietnam on 25 June, the unit bombed Viet Cong targets while flying the
Thud with its maximum ordnance load of sixteen 750 lb bombs. A total of 232 bombs were dropped in
seventeen sorties over two days. Although only once, it was still used.
1/32 Scale Trumpeter
58-1173 was the last -5-RE produced. It was used to evaluate many of the improvements planned for the
block -25 F-105s to increase conventional weapons capability. Removed from AMARC 26 April 1985 to
be used as a target for weapons studies at the New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology, Socorro,
New Mexico and was eventually scrapped. Scrap date unknown.

I backdated it to pre- Look-A-Like Program. Removed the Scoop and Reinforcements on the side of the
Fuselage and bottom of the Wings, 4th Hydraulic Line on the top of the Fuselage, Camera under the
Nose, Antenna on the Tail, Ventral Fin and Tail Hook replaced with a modified (eliminated the Tail
Hook) Quick Boost replacement. Enlarged the Scoop at the base of the Tail and filled all the Gun Gas

Finished with Bare Metal Foil. Some of the markings were produced by me using Corel Draw X7 and
printed with my Alps printer. Took 297 Photos of the build.......
Aires Cockpit Set, Wheel Well Set and
Ventral Fin.
Since this was going to be a major project,  
I started the Backdate with the Tail.
Not a good idea to tape over newly applied
Bare Metal Foil so I primed and Painted
where necessary.
Pockets on the inside of the Fuselage for mounting
the Factory Cockpit need to be removed to install
the Aires Cockpit.
Nose Gear must be
installed when putting
the Well together.
That should be 1/8"
Bar Stock.
Since it has to be handled extensively applying the Bare Metal Foil,
these pieces will be the last to go on the Fuselage.
Recessed Panel Lines and the pre-applied paint lines were used to trim the Foil. Applied the Foil where I
wasn't going to glue anything to the Fuselage. I will do them after the Wings are attached.
Applying the Bare Metal Foil
Black and Decker Workmate was the handiest Modeling tool I ever bought!
A special THANKS to Brian Medina for doing the Instrument Panel for me. He certainly has a
special skill for doing them.  Instrument Panel installation will be done after all the foil has
been applied.
Since I have to handle the Fuselage and Wings to install the Panel, I waited till that was done to mount
the 16- 750# Bombs.  
I'm surprised I didn't
break it off or bend it
during assembly.
Did my usual fix for the crappy Main Gear Linkage! Metal Main Gear does not stop the wobble that
causes the Socket the Gear fits in to break. That goes for all scales and manufacturers. I've been building
F-105s for decades and 99% of the time it's the Socket that breaks.
Check out the Levers and Handles!!!! Don't know
how he does it but it's
Damn!!! I lost the little Black and Yellow Handle on the
bottom left of the Panel when installing it.
Normally I would install the Instrument Panel when the Fuselage is put together. The Aires Cockpit Set
has the Panel molded to area under the Windscreen that has the Gunsite. Since I had to handle a lot to
apply the foil, I was afraid of breaking the Gunsite glass brackets.
Really a big
Canopy Frame
I used the GT Resin Canopy Set. I used their set a few years ago for 63-8301
that I did and they didn't fit the shape of the Canopy. I did get them installed.
I thought maybe they got them
right since then but I was wrong. You can see
the space in the photo. I glued them in with Formula 560 Canopy Glue and let
them dry overnight. I the
n filled the void with canopy glue and let them dry  
overnight t
hen painted them. I only took the one photo. It's been a long
project and I wanted it done.
Hard to get good photos of that shinny surface.
Photos are in the order taken.