59-1771 F-105D-6-RE Thunderchief
469th TFS, 388th TFW, Kotat RTAB, Thailand
1/50 Scale Precise
59-1771 survived a combat tour in S.E.A. It was flown by Capt. Peter Foley with the 469 TFS, 388 TFW,
Korat RTAFB, Thailand on his 200th mission 8/10/68. These marking represent her on Capt. Foley's
200th mission. She survived the war and the smelter. She has been restored and is displayed outside
AMVETS Post 2256, Circleville, OH.
A Precise Desktop Model given to my Dad during his 38 year career working for Republic Aviation
Corporation. He died in 1975 and it was given to my oldest Brother. He died this year, 2017 and my
older brother got it. It was in need of repair and he asked me if could do it. Sure could! I've obtained a
couple in much worse condition.
What it looked like after 40+ years. Not too bad.
Starboard Wingtip had a bad droop to it. A
couple of strips of wood, couple of clamps and a
Heat Gun at low heat did the trick. Both wings
had a droop to them but I didn't want to push
my luck with the Heat Gun.
Used the decals from
Revell kit #5840.
However, the Tail Code
and s/n didn't work very
good so I hade to make
them with my Alps
My Brother wanted it loaded up. So, I dug out some weapons, put them together and painted them so he
could see what they actually look like.  I suggested 6-M117s Centerline, 2-AIM-9s Port Outboard,
AGM-12B Port Inboard, AGM-45 Starboard Outboard, 2-BLU-27s Starboard Inner.

I explained to him that they'd never fly Missions in that Configuration but we both liked it. Looks cool
anyway .
I needed to get as much of the original paint off. Have some old Tupperware
tubs I use for stripping paint. Found one the whole airplane fit in, put plane
in and dumped enough Purple Power in to cover the airplane and put the
top on.  Took a number of days for it to remove most of the paint. Then wet
sanded starting with 320 grit, ended with 600.
Primed with Tamiya
Dark Gray and painted
with Model Master
enamels the correct FS
Sadie had to check it out...
My Brother wasn't happy with the way it was loaded up. He wanted it loaded like an actual combat
I suggested 6-M117s Centerline, 2-Wing Tanks and M117s on the outer Pylons.