60-0504 F-105D-10-RE Thunderchief
357 TFS / 355 TFW Takhli RTAB Thailand
1/48 Scale Monogram
Named after the B-17 from WW II, the "Memphis Belle II" had a three year combat tour with the 355 TFW
during the Vietnam war. 28 April 1967, Lt. Col. Arthur Dennis shot down a Mig-17 while on a strike mission
against the Han Phong causeway.
60-0504 was retired 12 June 1981 and placed in storage at MASDC, 5,934.6 flying hours.
Removed from storage 7 April 1990 and shipped to USAF Museum, Dayton OH.
Put on display July 1991 at the USAF Museum
Typical Monogram kit with raised panel lines but the most accurate in 1/72 and 1/48 scale. I installed the Aires
Cockpit Set. It was a real job getting the Aires sets to fit. Strange, I installed the Aires Sets in the Trumpeter kits
without much problem.
Finished with Model Master enamels and Clear Acrylic gloss coat. Used Albatros
#48-004 The Thud Alley "F-105 NOSE ART" Decal Set for the markings. Then
Testors Dullcoat.
The biggest weakness of this kit is the flimsy Main Gear Actuators!!  It allows too
much Forward/Aft, Starboard/Port wobble. Eventually either breaking the pin on the
Main Gear that fits in the wing socket or the socket. Sometimes both.  

Wheel Well kits do nothing to solve the problem. Resin Cast pieces are  worse. Metal
Gear may help with the problem however, what I've found is, most of the time the
socket in the wing brakes.

To solve most of this wobble problem on the 1/48 Scale I modified Main Gear
Actuators. Cut a piece of small paper clip longer than you need. It will be cut to the
proper length when you fit it in the Wheel Well. Cut the Cylinder flush off the
Actuator. Cut the remaining plastic rod off the Cylinder. Drill a hole through the
cylinder the diameter of a small paper clip and a shallow hole in the end of the
Actuator where the cylinder was cut off. Cut the plastic pin off the other end of the
Actuator and drill a shallow hole for a short piece of paper clip. That will connect to
the main gear.
When it's all together it will still wobble a bit but
nowhere as bad as the factory setup.
Terrible fit of the
AIRES Cockpit set.
Plastic bar stock to
support the Cockpit.
Modification to the
The AIRES Cockpit Set
Used almost a full jar of
Model Master Clear Gloss
Acrylic to get a nice some
finish for the Decals.