60-0531 F-105D-10-RE Thunderchief
1/48 Scale Hobby Boss
The Test, Research & Development Division at Nellis operated within the USAF Fighter Weapons
School. They were equipped with several F-105Ds in 1962 to assist in the development of new weapons
and tactics to meet  TAC’s rapid deployment of the F-105. 60-0531 was one of them.

While assigned to the 4525th Student Squadron/USAF Fighter Weapons School, 60-0531 crashed 14
March 1967 at Nellis AFB, NV. Details unknown.
The 1/48 Scale Hobby Boss has nice recessed panel lines but the same things are
wrong with it as the 1/72 and 1/32 Scale Trumpeter kits. I installed the correct
Quick Boost Ventral Fin, Aires Cockpit and Wheel Well Sets. It was a real job
getting the Aires sets to fit. Strange, I installed the Aires Set
s in the Trumpeter kits
without much problem.
I drew the markings with
Corel Draw 15 and printed
with my ALPS Printer.
The kit wheels/tires did not look right to me. Looking at photos of the real airplane they are definitely different.  
I've built many Monogram F-105 kits and have some extra wheels/tires and they look spot on. I used the
Monogram wheel/tires.
The biggest weakness in all three scales of this kit is the flimsy Main Gear
Actuators!!  It allows too much Forward/Aft, Starboard/Port wobble. Eventually
either breaking the pin on the Main Gear that fits in the wing socket or the socket.
Sometimes both.  Wheel Well kits do nothing to solve the problem. Their Resin Cast
pieces are even worse. To solve most of this wobble problem on the 1/48 Scale I
used the Main Gear Actuators from a Monogram kit.

Cut a piece of small paper clip longer than you need. It will be cut to the proper
length when you fit it in the Wheel Well. Cut the Cylinder flush off the Actuator.
Cut the remaining plastic rod off the Cylinder. Drill a hole through the cylinder the
diameter of a small paper clip and a shallow hole in the end of the Actuator where
the cylinder was cut off. Cut the plastic pin off the other end of the Actuator and
drill a shallow hole for a short piece of paper clip. That will connect to the main gear.

When it's all together it will still wobble a bit but know where as bad as the factory
setup. The socket the Main Gear fits in is still pretty fragile especially the Resin Cast
Wheel Well kits.

I did the same thing with a 1/32 Scale 'D' and 'F' I built. I made the Actuator from
Evergreen plastic bar stock and used the larger paper clip.
Had to get the Wells  installed
Wings together,  and Bare
Metal Foil on the Wings and
Gear Doors. Laid the Gear
Doors in the Wings, applied
the Decals then trimmed them
while still wet.
Main Gear installed.
Early in their career, F-105s did not have the Cooling
Scoops, better known as 'SIX PACKS' and the
Reinforcements on the aft sides of the Fuselage,
Reinforcements on the Wings or the Red Strobes on
the top and bottom of the Fuselage. I removed the
Scoops, all Reinforcements and the Strobes.
The two Horseshoe shaped pieces on the top of the
Aft section are molded as a round hole.
requires putting the two halves of the Tail together
on the Aft section. Then attaching the Aft section to
the Fusalage. For me, cutting the hole to a Horseshoe
allows putting the Forward and Aft sections together
easier and putting the Tail on after it's assembled.
Pieces I added to support
the Cockpit.
 Had lots of
grinding, filing and sanding
to get the Cockpit to fit.
Something I didn't have to
do with the 1/32 Scale.
Bare Metal Foil is easy to
apply but tedious.
The more
individual panel you do and
orientate them differently,
the better it looks.
Was too windy and cold outside to take photos so I had to do them inside.
The flash just doesn't do the Bare Metal finish justice.