62-4279 F-105D-31-RE Thunderchief
18 TFW PACAF, Kadena AB, Okinawa
1/72 Scale Trumpeter
62-4279 spent nine years in the Pacific beginning with its first assignment 13 April 1963 to the 8 TFW,
Itazuke AB, Japan. A year later, 21 July 1964, when the 8th was discontinued and Itazuke became a forward
operating base, the plane spent two months at Yakota Air Base, Japan, before going to the 18 TFW at
Kadena Air Base, Japan, Okinawa. It was one of the first F-105s to respond to the Pueblo incident on 23 Jan.
1968 and spent the next three years flying in and out of three bases in South Korea from its home at Kadena.
In August 1972 it transferred to the Air Force Reserve's 465 TFS at Tinker AFB,Oklahoma.  It's last three
years were with the Reserve's 466TFS at Hill AFB, Utah who flew it on its NATO deployment to Denmark in
August 1981. 04 Jun
e 1983 was one of 24 F-105s flown on ceremonial final mission at Hill AFB, UT.  After the
mission, aircraft was one of 7 delivered to Lackland AFB for Security Police training.
05 June 1983
Redesignated  GF-105D 4,031.6 flying hours.

Unlike the others that were scrapped or obtained by organizations, she survives. According to Google Earth
at Kelly Field, San Antonio, TX. as of 11/30/2018.

My Brother asked me to do this for him. Since I was modeling it based on the early '60s, all future
modifications that were molded on the fuselage were removed. Pilot, Ejection Seat and Mk-117 750# bombs
are from Monogram. Base is a casting of solid resin I made from a mold I made of a real one.

Painted with Plasti-cote Silver enamel. Some of the markings came from left over spares. The rest I drew
with Corel X7 and printed with my Alps printer.
The real one. No
Date or Location
on the photo.