62-4284 F-105D-25-RE Thunderchief
The Trumpeter kit is pretty good but there are a few things wrong with it. Obvious ones I corrected. The
ones that the average person would not notice or required a correction kit, I left as is. To buy the correction
kits, you'd have as much money in them as the cost of the kit itself. Besides, I started building this before
they came out.

Tail code, serial, data plate and Mig Kill marking were drawn with Corel and printed with an Alps printer.
Finished with Model Master enamels.

My info shows 62-4284 as a "Triple Mig Killer" during the SEA Conflict. On 10 March 67, Cpt. Max
Brestel downed two Mig 17s and 27 Oct. 67 Cpt. G.I. Basil downed a Mig 17.

62-4284 crashed on 12 March 1976 while maneuvering near Clayton, OK. Details of the crash are unknown.
The pilot, Capt. Larry L. Kline was killed. He and the F-105 were with the 465 TFS / 507 TFG (Air Force
Reserves) out of Tinker AFB, OK. Thanks to Jeff Wilkinson, Oklahoma Wreckchasers for the info.

Model resides at the Hickory Aviation Museum, Hickory, NC
1/32 Scale Trumpeter
355 TFW, 354 TFS, Takhli RTAFB
Kit was molded with the avionics
cooling scoop located on the aircraft
centerline. I corrected that.
Main gear doors were molded without any detail whatsoever. Since I started this kit before
any correction sets were available, I added detail with card stock and plastic strips.
The kit supplied TER is useless. Way too thin. I used a TER supplied with the Tamiya F-4C/D kit with some modification.
Main gear are real spindly. Not much you can do with them except replace them with metal after market ones. They
should have made them out of metal like Tamiya does on their 1/32 scale kits. I did replace the axle with aluminum tubing.