F-4D 66-7529
Rear Instrument Panel
The instruments, overlays and warning lights are
wired so they will light.

The bulbs for the overlays and warning lights were
changed to 12 volts. The internal instrument lighting
is 5 volts AC.  I use an ATX computer power supply.  
It has both 5 volt and 12 volt DC output. Bulbs don't
care if it's AC or DC. They'll light with either one.

The spacer for the Threat Warning Panel is made
from pieces of plexiglass sandwiched together. It's
not right but it looks good and it will work untill I
find the correct spacer.

I put a Radar Altimeter where the Volt Monitor
Panel  should be. It's not right but it looks better
than a blank panel.

Still looking for the Volt Monitor Panel.
Found a working 8 day clock and the TW Azimuth
Completed Rear Instrument Panel
Walla!! Thanks to
Bob D., I got a Volt
Monitor Panel.