Cobra Jet 428
The '69 Mustang Mach I Cobra Jet was one of the hottest performance machines that Ford ever built for
street use. The 428 cubic inch V-8 was factory rated at 335 horsepower but actually put out more than 400
and the excitement level was out of this world.
Today, restored Cobra Jet Mustangs are selling at auctions in the high 5 to mid 6 figure range!
The engine block was finished with authentic Model Master Ford Engine Blue. Chrome valve covers were
stripped and painted Model Master Chrome Silver. I added plug wires with the correct firing order, fuel lines,
battery cables and heater hoses. Interior was finished with Model Master enamels. The kit wheels and tires
were used. Exterior is finished in Acapulco Blue, sanded and polished.  Bare Metal Foil was used on all
exterior chrome trim.
Although this is a nice kit and it has that
cool Shaker scoop, there are a few thing
wrong. For some unknown reason, Revell
molded pillars in the rear side panels of the
interior for the addition of a roll bar. I've
seen my share of '69 Cobra Jets and none
had a factory roll bar. I cut the pillars out
and patched the holes.
Included are decals for the instruments and
clock. I applied them and let them dry
overnight. A few layers of Microscale Kristal
Clear was applied over them, allowing each
layer to thoroughly dry, giving them the
appearance of a clear lens. Hard to tell in
the photos but they look a lot better.
The kit did not come with the rear
window slats. I used the slats from
the Revell '70 Mach I/BOSS 302
kit. The Mach I kit is 1/24 and the
CJ is 1/25 scale so I had to trim
them down to fit. Not hard to do.
Just a little filing/sanding.
Not too sure about the accuracy of
the engine compartment. The width
between the shock towers looks too
wide. Lots of room between the
towers and valve covers. I had a
big block Mustang and it was a
real pain to change the spark plugs.