'70 Mustang Mach 1
351 CLEVELAND 4V, 4 Speed
1 of 171 With this Paint Code, 1 of 52 with this Paint /Trim Codes.
Actually Built 06/25/70
Sig Erson Roller Rockers
Blue Thunder Aluminum
Removed the manifold for
glass beading. All taped
and ready for bead blasting.

Since I plan on having A/C
installed, the Water Pump
was replace by a new high
flow unit.
Spent a number of days
polishing the Valve Covers.
Wife's side of the
September 3, 2012
While I was there, I removed the Grille to paint the front of the Radiator Support. Replaced the Grille
painted the Headlight Doors and Grille Lower Trim the correct '70 Mach I Charcoal Metallic.
Polished the Sport Lamp lenses.
New Grille came
unpainted. Painted it,
front and back,  also
the correct '70 Mach I
Charcoal Metallic.
Replaced Dual Vacuum Distributor with single
and installed Pertronix  HEI and Flamethrower
Concourse Radiator Hoses and Belts.
A White interior is
nice but it has it's
New Door Panel Inserts, Tri-bar Running Ponys, Courtesy Lights, Handles, Belt Line Weatherstrip,
Window Regulator and Wiring Harness.
The Mach 1 came from the factory with Manual Drum Brakes. That just don't cut it today. There are
Power Disc conversion kits available for all the Classic Mustangs. Too big a job for me to do. I'm not
25 anymore!! Besides, don't really have enough room in the garage, never mind a lift. So, I have to
pay someone to do it.

Lots of car restoration places in the area so I shopped around.  Found a place about 6 miles up the
road from me,
Klassic Rides. Talked to Billy the owner, toured the shop that was full with projects
(many Mustangs) and read letters from previous customers. Seen photos of lots of Mustangs that
they've done. He promised a quick turn around. I was impressed!!! They got my business.
Originally brought it up there to have just the power disc brakes put on it. But, since it was there and
Billy knows Mustangs, I made a small list up of other things I wanted looked at. The car is 42 years
old and I want a reliable cruising car.

Long story short, the three day brake conversion didn't happen. Checked on the progress every
couple of days and when I returned home, thought of something else. Hell, he's got the car there, in
for a penny, in for a pound.
Replaced Fuel Tank Sending Unit.
Changed Trans Gear
Checked Rear Brakes. Right Wheel Cylinder starting to leak. Replaced both sides.
Replaced stock Axle with a Currie 3.50, 31 Spline Locking Axle Assembly.
New Front and Rear Shocks, Rear Sway Bar Bushings.
Front Sway Bar Bushings and Idler Arm.
Power Steering Control Valve and Hoses.
Power Disc Brake Conversion.
Removed rear Fold Down Seat and all the Panels. Disassembled seat, cleaned, undercoated and
painted correct Black Metallic. Cleaned rear seat, stripped rear panels and painted correct white.
Sail and Lower Panels before removal.
Cleaned surface rust, treated with Eastwood Encapsulant and Undercoat, installed Dynamat.
New Chrome Trim on Fold Down Seat and replaced all Latches.
Proper blackout applied to the Honey Comb Panel and Rocker Mouldings.
Removed Tail Light Housings, cleaned and painted Gloss White. Improved brightness of the tail
Disassembled Instrument Panel to restore Instrument and Clock Bezels.
Installed LED Instrument lighting. New Instrument Bezel Lenses. New Quartz Clock movement.
Polished clock lens.
Tons of photos I took of her..........
Car road like an old Lumber Wagon. Had Goodyear Eagle STs on it. They haven't been made since
the early '90s. No tire place would touch them!! Time for new tires. Magnum 500s had some rust on
them. Might as well get new New Magnum 500 Wheels and P235-60x15 BFG Radial T/A Tires.
My Son, Henry Jr.
Cruise-in Lincolonton, NC
Installed new Comp Cams Cam, Lifters Pushrods and Timing Set.
The local watering hole located in Sherrills Ford, NC. Interesting place. Has closed since these
photos were taken.
My Son, Henry Jr., came down from New York for a week to help me with
the project. I could not have done it without his help!!
Disassembled Fold Down seat, treated internal parts with Eastwood Encapsulator and painted the
A couple of photo before starting the project.
New Trunk Matt, Tire Cover and Hatch Prop Mechanism.
Left side Wiper Linkage was worn out. While I was there, replaced that Wiper Motor. Cleaned the
Cowl out,  treated it with Eastwood Encapsulator and Undercoat. Stripped, cleaned and painted
Wiper Motor Bracket and Cover.
Replaced Clutch Disc, Pressure Plate and Throwout Bearing.
Car had a Holley 700 CFM Double Pumper, Manual Choke on it. Way too much for what I was going
to do with the car. Was getting about 6 MPG. Replaced it with a Holley 600 CFM, Vacuum
Secondaries and Electric Choke. Doubled the MPG.
Installed a Fuse Panel
under the Instrument
Panel for the Kenwood,
Tach and Relay for the
Electic Chok
I by-passed the Heater Core when I detailed the Engine Compartment. Wasn't sure how old it was
and didn't want to take a chance of it leaking and the wire for the Blower Motor was cut at the Motor.
Time to get the Heater working. Got a new Heater Core and Blower Motor.

The Heater Assembly has to come out to replace the parts. The book says you have to take out the
Instrument Panel to get the Heater out. Not so. Remove the Dash Pad, Instrument and Clock Bezel
and Glove Box. Remove the center braces from the Firewall to the Instrument Panel and the right
side of the Instrument Panel from the Body. It's a pain and requires two people, one to lift
Instrument Panel up and away from the Firewall and the other to jiggle the Heater out. It can be done.
Switch for Sport Lamps did not work. They had
the Sport Lamps wired to the Headlight so they
were on if the Headlights were on. Took the
Switch apart and got it working and fixed the
While everything was out, I cleaned the area, applied Eastwood  Encapsulator and Undercoat.
Installed Dynamat.
The Squirrel Cage
had lots of surface
rust. I soaked it for
a few days in
Eastwood Fast
Etch and cleaned
it right up.
The Firewall side of the Heater Box was broke. The only available Heater Assy. is a Dynacorn made in
Taiwan. The only show in town so I ordered one. Very disappointed. I could not move the Diverter
Door. It took a block of wood and hammer to get it to move. Tried lubricating the rubber seal, tried

I wound up taking the Door out of the old Box. Had to drill out the rivets to get it apart. Had to do the
same with the new Box. There was enough room where I could put the new Box together with
Stainless Steel Machine Screws and Stop Nuts.  

While everything was accessible, I lubed the Heater Controls, Cables and put an LED in the Control.
Turned out to be a week long project but now I have a Heater/Defroster.

A real bitch gettin' the Heater Assy. bolted to the Firewall and Instrument Panel.
Original Blower Motor still works.  I put it on the Spares shelf.
The old stuff went in the trash.
Rear Axle started howling bad. Took it back to Klassic Rides. Covered under warranty.
While she was up there I had them do something with the play in the Tilt Wheel. No parts
available for it but they did what they could do. A lot better now.
Replaced the Drip Rail Mouldings and fix chips in the Front Fender Extention.
Sent the Tach out for a three wire conversion. Ignition no longer goes through the Tach to the Coil.
In April 2016, I couldn't take driving into the Sun anymore. The glare from the tiny chips in the
Windshield, probably from being out in Arizona, was terrible.  I had Klassic Rides put a new Carlite
Windshield in. Had the polish the Stainless Steel Windshield Trim while they were at it. Put the
polished Wiper Arms on it too.  If you put the polished arms on, be aware, if the Sun hits them just
right, it gets you right in the eyes.
In August 2015, my Son and Grandson came down for a visit. While they were here, we completed
the Dynamat installation in the Interior. Obviously it required removing the Seats and Console.
Another major improvement. The car is even quieter!
Wire brushed all the light rust spots, cleaned and treated. Coated with Eastwood Encapsulator then
In February 2017, I decided to do something about the sloppy Ford Power Steering System. After
some research and consulting with Billy at Klassic Rides, I decided to go with a TCP Power Rack
and Pinion System. Ordered what I needed and took it all and the Mach 1 up to Klassics.

Definitely an improvement over the stock system. Took some time for me to get use to it.
Saved all the old parts.
Gettin' to Work....
The GOODIES!!!!!
November 2018. Noticed lots of fine rust in the Fuel Filter. Took the Fuel Bowl off the Holley and it
had the same thing in it. Talked to Billy at Klassic Rides and came up with the same conclusion. Has
to be rust in the Fuel Tank. The Tank was changed in 1991 that makes it 27 years old. Okay, if I have
to buy a tank, it's gonna be Stainless Steel and I'll get Stainless Steel Lines too.

Had the parts shipped to Klassics and installed. Pumpin' out the old gas and there was rust in it.
Glad I got the lines. The crap that came out of them was worse.
The old Tank. You can
see the date stamp on
it and on the  label.

The new Tank.
Got all the Interior pieces together
and took them, along with new Sail
Panels and the Mach 1 and had
Klassic install them.
Engine Compartment Detailing
OCTOBER 31, 2017
NOVEMBER 2, 2017