While planning my trips to attend Phan
Cons that were held out West, I often
extended my stay in the area (well, sort
of) for several days. I figured while I'm
out there I might as well tour the area
and see as many of the natural sites as I
could as my chances of going out there
again were pretty slim.

After Phan Con '95 which was held in
July at Boise, ID, I decided that Crater
Lake was something I wanted to see. It
looked like quite a drive from Boise but it
was only a few inches on the map. Mount
Saint Helens was in the area too, and only
a few inches away on the map from
Crater Lake, I'd go there also. I wound
up putting over 2,000 miles on the rental
car. I was so impressed with this area,
that I took my wife out there the following

Phan Con '97 was held in October at
Holloman AFB.  I talked my wife into
going with me. "We could make a
vacation out of it. I'll take you to Vegas
(she's never been there) via the Grand
Canyon." After the Event we headed
north to the Grand Canyon South Rim.
Awesome place to see!

We also took a trip to the North Rim of
the Grand Canyon in 2004 via the sites in
Northern New Mexico. The Southwest is
an awesome place to see. We've taken
numerous trips out there since our first.

June 2007 we took a trip to the National
Parks of Southern Utah. Bryce Canyon
was one of them. Bryce page is under
construction. More photos have been